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The IMA Health Plan

The IMA Health Plan Is Game Changing.

The IMA is proud to be working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois to bring Illinois manufacturers the IMA Health Plan, a statewide solution for affordable, flexible, and customizable group health coverage.

By leveraging a combined 200+ years of partnership with Illinois job creators to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, the IMA Health Plan allows manufacturers and their employees to choose the right health care plan to meet their needs and budget.


The IMA Health Plan Simplifies Administration.

In addition to industry-leading insurance carrier partnerships, the IMA Health Plan also delivers to participating member companies an industry-leading benefits administration technology solution called SIMON®.  Powered by Vimly Benefit Solutions*, SIMON allows participating member companies to automate their benefits enrollment process with several clicks of a button.  Additionally, all invoices are consolidated into one easy to manage portal, making monthly payments and reconciliation a breeze.

The IMA Health Plan Simplifies Compliance.

The regulatory landscape overseeing group health and welfare plans, particularly AHPs, is complex.  Along with your current broker consultant, the IMA has assembled a team of compliance experts to provide participating member companies with comprehensive compliance guidance that allow you to focus on what matters – your manufacturing business and the well-being of your employees.


Obtain a Quote

To obtain a quote for your manufacturing business, please visit the Obtain a Quote page for detailed instructions.

More Questions?

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions resource page for answers to many common questions regarding the IMA Health Plan.  You may also contact your insurance broker or dedicated IMA representative for more information.


*Vimly Benefit Solutions, Inc., an independent company, solely responsible for its products and services, administers the SIMON online benefits portal for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.